Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Farm groups wanted the U.S. House to vote on farm bill, but most not pleased with outcome.

Guts, glory and determination. Three words to describe a farming family in Belmont County, Ohio.

Not every camper will end up a wildlife specialist or a forester, but organizers hope the teens will at least build on the week’s natural resources foundation no matter what their career path.

Meet Abbe Turner. A mother, wife, founder of the Ohio Sheep, Goat and Milk Initiative and last but not least: local food advocate.

Ohio's Utica shale buzz has gone from drilling to pipelines.

School will have a primary focus on agbiosciences, a proven field for careers.

Delayed planting has increased corn and meal prices, raising concerns that hog production costs will not drop as much as anticipated.

The USDA announced June 14 that so far an investigation has found no other volunteer glyphosate-resistant wheat plants have been found so far.

Rice is getting a nutritional boost thanks to Agricultural Research Service.

The former owner and former chief operating officer of the now-bankrupt Eastern Livestock Company will spend the next several years in federal prison after a check-kiting scheme left many cattle producers with fraudulent checks.