Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wegmans and Cornell partner to put N.Y. on the map for artisanal and specialty cheesemaking.

Dairy industry trying to inform lawmakers as they prepare for new water and nutrient legislation.

Board says it knew nothing about three-year-old contract until checks started to bounce

The state of the aquaculture industry ... As provided for our annual Progress Edition, by Marty Domer of Domer’s Fish Hatchery

WOOSTER, Ohio — When the new federal produce safety rules become effective — a process likely to happen in the next 12 months —...

Monsanto is describing the discovery of Roundup Ready wheat in Oregon as “suspicious” in its latest update.
grocery aisle

Some Detroit grocery stores will be double food stamps when they're used to purchase fresh produce.

Poison hemlock is a weed that livestock owners cannot afford to ignore because all parts of this plant including leaves, stems and roots are poisonous when ingested.

The bat population at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center has dwindled because of white-nose syndrome. The population can now be counted on one hand. The impact a declining bat population has on agriculture may surprise you.

See the cut you want, and have it shipped to your door. Same thing with prepared meals.