Monday, May 22, 2017

University of Utah biologists observed an American badger do something that no other scientists had documented before: bury a whole calf carcass by itself.

It's disappointing so many Easter egg safety articles suggest making separate batches to eat and hide. There are safe ways to eat the eggs you hide.
Feed alley

The long-term issues depressing dairy prices are the strong dollar, the continuing Russian embargo on EU dairy imports, and problems in the Middle East.
fencing on farm

Planning is the key to ensuring fencing is installed properly and you're getting the most out of your investment.

Conservation-minded groups are reaching out to women farmland owners in the Great Lakes region.

Planting modern victory gardens reduces food insecurity by improving access to healthy, nutritious food.
Noxious Weed Free Forage and Mulch

SALEM, Ohio — The region’s pipeline construction brings an increased demand for noxious weed-free forage and mulch, and that demand could mean an additional...
Blood for Bats

Blood-sucking bats, mythical or real-life? Penn State animal science students collect bovine blood for Philadelphia Zoo's colony of vampire bats.
harvesting soybeans

Planting Intentions report shows a significant increase in soybeans in Ohio and the national level.
pipeline construction

Ohio lawmakers back bill to keep shale money in shale communities.
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