Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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Penn State is offering a web-based app to look at data across Pennsylvania.

The cool, crisp days of autumn have arrived.

No-till field day highlights the many benefits of 'quality' no-till.

When Donald Barlow ceased dairy operations in 1995, he and his wife, Helen, donated the roughly 65 acres that remained of the Case Barlow farm to the First Congregational Church of Hudson. When the church announced plans to sell the property for development a group of Hudson citizens and business owners, as well as city officials, stepped forward to save the property.
Week in Review 9.13

The top stories from the week September 7-September 13, 2014.
firewood basics

As fall’s cool, crisp air settles in and the season changes to winter, a warm fire is a welcoming thought.

Coyote are active in fall, when grown pups break away from the family unit to hunt and stake out their own territory.

Planting, tillage and harvesting all show significant price increases, according to Ohio State’s biennial custom farming survey.

Seven generations have worked the Anderson Farm in Canfield, Ohio. The farm has been recognized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and U.S. Senate as being a bicentennial farm.

Northwestern Ohio farmers aren’t waiting to tackle the issue of water quality.
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