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PROGRESSIVE DAIRY SYSTEMS (330) 482-1522PARTS & SERVICE FOR ALL MAJOR BRANDS Authorized Boumatic DealerParlor & Bulk Tanks Stalls • Gates Mattresses • Sanitation Emergency Service1 Mueller 1000-gal.CALL FOR PRICINGMueller 600-gallon"""DeLaval 300-gallon"""Glacier 3000-gallon (NEW)"""Glacier 2000-gallon (NEW)"""Sunsel 600-gallon"""Solar Tank, 400 gal."""Used 350 Vertical Patz Stationary Mixer$10,750Penta Mixers - 3020SD, 4120HD, 6020SDThese Models Have Options CALLAgriCow Cow Brush - "The Best Brush on the Market"Sturdi Built Gates and StallsCalf HutchesStarting at $295Rubber Tire ScrapersStarting at $925CHECK OUR FARM EQUIPMENT LISTING

We Need Good Used Tanks 100 to 8,000

We Need Good Used Tanks 100 to 8,000 Gal. -- Call Us USED BULK TANKS All Tanks Guaranteed A-1 Working Condition - Will Deliver100 gal. Mojonnier 200 gal. Mojonnier 250 Mueller M 300 gal. Jamesway 300 gal. Mojonnier 300 gal. Mueller "M" 300 gal. Sunset 400 gal. Mueller M 400 gal. Mojonnier 500 gal. MW Mueller 545 gal. Sunset 600 gal. Mueller OH 600 gal. Mueller M 600 gal. DeLaval 1999 600 gal. Mojonnier 700 gal.SMOueLlleDr V 732 gal. Sunset800 DeLaval FT 800 gal. Mojonnier 800 gal. MSuOellLerDOH 900 gal. Mueller, OH 1000 gal. Mueller M 1000 gal. Mueller OH 1000 gal.SDOeLLavDal 1000 gal. Storage 1250 Mueller V 1500 gal. Mueller M 1500 gal. DeLaval 1500 gal.SMOueLlleDr OH 2000 gal.SSOurgLeD(99) 2000 gal. OH Mueller 2500 gal. Mueller, OH 3000 gal. Storage 6000 gal.SSOtorLagDeShenk's (717) 626-1151505 E. Woods Drive, Lititz, PA 17543

The Ultimate – In Cow Comfort What

The Ultimate - In Cow Comfort What Owners of Waterbeds are Saying... Cow cull rate decreased • Minimal bedding required Cows are just as healthy as when on sand • Cows have good traction on waterbeds to get up There are fewer trips to the field with the manure spreader • Physcial condition of cows is show ring good Best investment made on a dairy farm COW WATERBEDS For more information contact STEIN-WAY EQUIPMENT Apple Creek, OH 44606 330-857-8700 or 800-599-2040 www.steinwayequipment.com

For sale Steinway adjustable heifer

For sale Steinway adjustable heifer headlocks with wooden feeders, good condition; (330)359-5792

For sale double 4 right step parlor,

For sale double 4 right step parlor, automatic takeoffs, inline washer and meters; 92 free stalls; (330)464-2867


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