NEW TRACTORS: JD 1023E and 1026R JD


NEW TRACTORS: JD 1023E and 1026R JD 2025R, MFWD, 25ehp JD 2032R, MFWD, 32ehp JD 3032E, MFWD, 32ehp JD 3038E, MFWD, 38ehp JD 3033R, MFWD, 33ehp JD 3039R, MFWD, 39ehp JD 3046R, MFWD, 46ehp JD 4120, MFWD, 43ehp JD 5045E, MFWD, 45ehp JD 5055E, MFWD, 55ehp JD 5065E, MFWD, 65ehp JD 5075E, MFWD, 75ehp JD 5085M Cab, MFWD, 85ehp JD 5100M Cab, MFWD, 100ehp JD 6105D, Cab, MFWD, loader, 105ehp JD 6105M, Cab, MFWD, 16 spd, 105ehp JD 6115D, Cab, MFWD, 115ehp JD 6115M, Cab, MFWD, 16 spd, 115ehp JD 6125M, Cab, MFWD, 16 spd, 125ehp JD 6190R, Cab, MFWD, 20 spd, TLS, 190ehp

JD 6190R, Cab, MFWD, Direct Drive, 190ehp JD 6210R, Cab, MFWD, Direct Drive, 210ehp JD 6210R, Cab, MFWD, IVT, 210ehp JD 7230R, Cab, MFWD, IVT, TLS, 230ehp JD 7250R, Cab, MFWD, E23, TLS, 250ehp
NEW CONSTRUCTION: JD 318E, 63hp, 1,950lb lift JD 320E, 69hp, 2,190lb lift JD 323E, Rubber tracks, 74hp, 2,590lb lift JD 326E, 74hp, 2,690lb lift JD 320D Cab, A/C 68hp, 2,000lb lift JD 328E Cab, A/C, 85hp, 2,800lb lift JD 35G Excavator, 23hp, 10′ digging depth JD 50G Excavator, 36hp, 11’7″ digging depth JD 60G Excavator, 53hp, 12’4″ digging depth
NEW HAY EQUIPMENT: JD 459 Silage Special w/wrap (N) JD 459 Standard (N) (B) (S) JD 469 w/surface wrap (N) JD 625 Mo-Co (N) (B) (S) JD 630 Mo-Co (N) (B) (S)

USED TRACTORS: 2006 JD 7320 Cab, MFWD, 24 speed 2004 JD 7420 Cab, MFWD, IVT 2003 JD 7420 Cab, MFWD, IVT, 740 ldr. 2003 Case-IH JX95, 4X4 1998 JCB 185-65 Cab, MFWD 1979 JD 4640 Cab, Duals 2010 New Holland Boomer 30 w/mower

$74.900 (S) $69,995 (N) $64,900 (N) $21,900 (N) $45,900 (N) $25,000 (N) $JUST IN (S)

USED EQUIPMENT: 2011 JD 568 round baler w/wrap
2006 JD 630 30′ Platform JD 1750 6 Row planter, 30″, dry, markers 2008 JD 458 silage speical w/wrap 2003 JD 567 Silage Special w/wrap 1994 JD 693 6 row corn head, poly 2002 JD CX20 20′ rotary cutter 2003 New Holland BR740 round baler

$31,900 (N)
$24,900 (N) $23,900 (N) JUST IN (B) $17,900 (N) $16,900 (N) $14,900 (N) $10,500 (S)


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