Bonnie’s wish list for Santa Claus


The most beloved Christmas poem of all time begins with the phrase “‘Twas the night before Christmas.” Although it speaks of a family’s preparation for Santa’s visit, here at the office we are on the eve of a new year and there is the usual hustle and bustle to plan the 2010 calendar, review 2009’s programs and finish up on details that have patiently waited on our attention.

Beyond the age

I am beyond the age of sitting on Santa’s lap, but I still find the need to prepare a list and hopefully someone will check it twice. If my “wish list” is a vision, I have those “sugarplums” dancing around in my head as I prepare for a long winter and my final 2009 column in Farm and Dairy.

At times, I am lively and quick, but in some moments I ponder on “gifts” that would enhance the new year. So with a wink of my eye and a twist of my wrist, I have gone to work recording a list for the jolly old soul at the North Pole.

Here’s hoping that my name is on his nice list, instead of the naughty one.

Bonnie’s list for Santa

Following is my wish list.

– That every dairy 4-Her will find personal success with a dairy program or project in 2010.

– More time to once again thank all of our contributors and volunteers who value dairy youth. You are my version of Santa Claus without the beards as white as snow.

– Increased stamina and wisdom to compose all those zillions of questions for Ohio’s Dairy Quiz Bowl.

– An improved dairy economy for those college graduates who really would like to return to their home farms.

– Another Ohio State Fair with mild temperatures, an enthusiastic parlor crew, cordial staff and cheerful exhibitors.

– Extra patience to deal with web pages, computers, and EXCEL spread sheets.

– More intuition when it comes to teaching and learning!

– More college students (just like last year’s edition) that have given me reason to smile.

– More photos of the great times spent with the judging teams and our 4-H programs to remember just how much these experiences have enriched my life!

– Dazzling creativity when it comes to facing the challenges that the dairy industry provided us in 2009.

– Improved communication between consumers and the dairy industry and may I always find joy in watching kids as they milk a cow for the very first time!

Could go on and on

The list could go on and on, but I hear the deadline whistle for this column. My reindeer do not have antlers, but udder attachments! They cannot fly away, but I can call out their names as I dash away.

Just hear me explain as I run out of time, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a happy AND healthy 2010!”


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Bonnie Ayars is a dairy program specialist at Ohio State University, coordinating all state 4-H dairy programs and coaching the OSU collegiate and 4-H dairy judging teams. She and her husband also own and operate a Brown Swiss and Guernsey cattle farm. In 1994, Bonnie was named Woman of the Year at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis.



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