Dairy Excel: OSU’s ag economics information just got a lot easier to access


The Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics has a new look to its website. There are many changes to the site that give users easier access to class and instruction information, extension/outreach information, research and events.

The front page (http://aede.osu.edu ) offers the “Latest News” about faculty, students, instruction, research and Extension related to the department. A section on “Upcoming Events” allows users to check the calendar for important upcoming events.

Finding information

The website is broken down into several sections that will help clients find the appropriate subject matter: Undergraduate Program, Graduate Program, Programs and Research, and Publications.

Extension/Outreach users will find most of the information that they seek in the “Programs and Research” section or the “Publications” section.

The “Undergraduate Program” section contains information on courses offered, required coursework for AEDE undergraduate majors and minors, scholarships, career opportunities, the Agribusiness/NAMA Club and other information.

The “Graduate Program” section includes information on current courses offered, the masters program, the doctoral program, admissions, professional placements and others topics.

The “Programs and Resources” section includes sections on the Agricultural and Resources Law Program, the Agricultural Outlook and Policy Program, the Andersons Program, the C. William Swank Program, the Center for Farmland Policy and Innovation, the Environmental Policy Initiative, the Exurban Change Program, the Farm Income Enhancement program, OSU Income Tax Schools, the National Program for Integrated Dairy Risk Management Education and Research, OSU Farm Management, the Ohio Business Retention and Expansion Initiative, the Ohio Cooperative Development Center, the Ohio Dairy Web, the Retail Market Analysis program, the Rural Finance Program, and the VanBuren Farm Management program.

Enterprise budgets

The publications section will contain Departmental publications targeting the needs of AEDE clientele, including newly updated swine and sheep enterprise budgets for 2011.

Enterprise Budget projections updated so far for 2011 include: corn-conservation tillage; soybeans-no-till (Roundup Ready); wheat-conservation tillage, (grain & straw), alfalfa hay and grass hay.

Our enterprise budgets are compiled on downloadable Excel spreadsheets that contain macros for ease of use. Users can input their own production and price levels to calculate their own numbers.

Detailed footnotes are included to help explain methodologies used to obtain the budget numbers.

(Barry Ward is the leader of production business management in the Ohio State University Extension’s department of agricultural, environmental and development economics.)



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