Don’t miss Christmas


In Matthew 2:7-15, we read of the man who was so wrapped up in himself that he missed Christmas. Take some time today and read this scripture.

You will see how easy it is to miss the beauty and blessing of Christmas. We have been listening to Christmas music on our cable TV for more than a month.

Once in awhile I hear a new one that I haven’t heard before. They all reminded me of Christmas, and I enjoyed them.

The man I write about today was King Herod. Christmas came before he was ready for it. He spent all his time trying to satisfy his own needs and nothing else really mattered to him.

The shepherds were alerted by the angels. The wise men were prompted by a very unusual star in the East. Mary and Joseph were spoken to in a dream. Herod had no dream, no angel, or no star. He missed all of it and became very bitter.

Bitterness will destroy a person. It changes our attitude about life. People who put with bitterness in their lives miss a lot. Herod was not looking for God to do much at all. He was so wrapped up in himself, and unfortunately, did not have a desire to love and serve Jesus Christ.

He was a very proud man. Pride is keeping many people out of heaven. It will destroy marriages and families if left go. Pride will block words like forgiveness, or saying, “I was wrong,” or “I am sorry.”

Many today are missing the real meaning of Christmas because of pride and an unforgiving spirit. Now that Christmas day has come and gone, don’t miss the beauty and the real meaning of Christmas.

Is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, alive in your heart and life today?

If not, ask Him to forgive you and live the rest of your life serving Him. Don’t miss another Christmas!




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