FSA Andy for June 18, 2009


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If you are a taxpayer, you might want to read this article. In June 2000, Congress passed the Agricultural Risk Protection Act. This act requires that Risk Management Agency, with the assistance of the Farm Service Agency, improve program compliance and integrity of the federal crop insurance program.

By providing a checks-and-balance system, Risk Management Agency hopes to decrease the amount of fraudulent claims, thereby saving money for you, the taxpayer!

Risk Management Agency has also been given the authority to request assistance from Farm Service Agency in conducting reviews of insured crops during the growing season.

Producers who are selected for a growing season inspection will be notified by their local Farm Service Agency office of which crops are included in the inspection. A Farm Service Agency representative will perform a minimum of two-documented field inspections during the growing season.

These inspections will be thoroughly documented and reported to the appropriate Risk Management Agency regional compliance office. This information will also be made available at the Farm Service Agency county office for their insurance company’s use if loss adjustment activities occur.

In addition to growing season inspections, Farm Service Agency will refer all suspected cases of fraud, waste and abuse about the Federal Crop Insurance Program to Risk Management Agency.

Producers may also report suspected cases of fraud, waste and abuse to their local county office, to the Risk Management Agency office or the Office of Inspector General. So do your part and report suspected cases.

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FSA Andy is written by USDA Farm Service Agency county executive directors in northeastern Ohio.



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