FSA Andy for Nov. 12, 2009


Hello Again!

I know you have been working hard to finish harvesting, but now is the time to plan ahead concerning your 2010 crops. At your local FSA office, you can buy an insurance policy on any of your perennial crops that are not insurable by Federal Crop Insurance. This program is called the Noninsured Assistance Program.

To be eligible for the permanent disaster (SURE) program in 2010, all of your 2010 crops must be insured either through Federal Crop Insurance and/or the Noninsured Assistance Program.

Ohio producers have until Nov. 20 to apply for Noninsured Assistance Program coverage on their 2010 perennial crops. This includes all types of hay, alfalfa, pasture, apples, asparagus, grapes, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, chestnuts, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, strawberries, honey and maple sap.

Noninsured Assistance Program covers production losses caused by damaging weather conditions. Producers who buy a policy can subsequently file for a payment when their production loss is in excess of 50 percent. Losses are generally determined by the percentage of loss compared to the producer’s actual yield history. Eligible production losses are paid at 55 percent of the established value for the crop. The policy costs $250 per crop for the first three crops — then there is no additional cost.

Go to your local FSA office to apply for your Noninsured Assistance Program coverage by the Nov. 20 deadline — or give them a call if you have questions.

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FSA Andy is written by USDA Farm Service Agency county executive directors in northeastern Ohio.



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