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Hello Again!
I hope you are sorting out the farm bills and FSA papers as need be as we wrap up the end of this year.
As many of you are meeting with your landlords over holiday cookies and milk, make sure you have your lease agreements up to speed and that you notify your Farm Service Agency office of any additions or corrections to your farming operation.
If you are currently enrolled in the ACRE program it would be a good time to put together your 2009 production to provide the FSA Office as a requirement of the ACRE program.
If you have a flock of sheep and have not turned in your 2009 shorn wool or receipts for unshorn lambs, they to need turned into the FSA office, but no later than Jan. 31, 2010.
For those that read FSA Andy last week, I did find my son the Christmas pony at the Sugarcreek Auction. He is a cocoa brown gelding that has had his share of oat and could use a hair cut but he moves kind of slow. I hope he fulfills the needs of my “ I- want-a- be- a- Cowboy” son! I hope you to are rounding up the items on the old Christmas list.
That’s all for Now,
FSA Andy


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FSA Andy is written by USDA Farm Service Agency county executive directors in northeastern Ohio.



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