You’re as Young as You Feel


A headline took my attention, “Survey on Women’s Age … Could Be Doing More.”

The way I see it as far as facial makeup goes according to a woman’s age – less is more. The older she gets, when it comes to preventative measures for aging – more is OK if it means doing whatever you can to take care of yourself.

I’d like this to apply to men, too, although most of them don’t want to bother. Smooth, softer, more supple skin is always a plus “even if there’s some callus underneath.”

“What else have they come up with,” I thought, “that I should do that I’m not already trying?” As if my closet full of creams, pore reducers, hair potions and other cosmetic concoctions aren’t enough? Don’t forget the library books on the latest Pilates (p i * l a