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Monthly Archives: March 2005

The whole Social Security reform issue is: a) confusing, so I tune it out b) political, so I tune it out c) someone else's problem d) all of the above e) there's a problem? At times, I'm afraid, we all feel like selecting any one of these options.

As time marches on, the changing of seasons remains the same, but little else has been untouched by the progression of time.

You don't own any cattle, so the court-clouded Canadian beef import rule doesn't affect you, right? Likewise, you don't make fructose, raise sugar beets or grow cotton so all that mumbo-jumbo about NAFTA, CAFTA, TRIPS and the WTO is better left to those smart trade-talkers in Washington, Brussels and Geneva.

On Jan. 21, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the air quality compliance agreement.

I make hard-boiled eggs just a few times a year - usually to make deviled eggs; now that my kids are growing up, we haven't taken time to color them for Easter.

It was a rough night in the Seabolt household, as our two dogs - a German shepherd (Ace) and his partner in crime, a relatively inert ottoman of a dog (Jagger) - decided at around 4 a.

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The president's proposed federal budget that includes features to reduce government farm program spending would cut net income for U.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Penn State's School of Forest Resources will hold a conference, Pennsylvania's Forest Resources: Assessing Their Condition, April 26-27 at the Nittany Lion Inn on its University Park campus.
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