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Monthly Archives: October 2005

I tuck my two teenage children in bed several nights a week. At least I go into their bedrooms and pretend I can't see the "Oh Mom!" roll of the eyes as I sit on their beds.

Think back on your favorite book or your favorite movie, and I'd be willing to bet there was one mighty aggravating character you just loved to hate.

If a few American dairy processors have their way with the agbiz-pliant U.S. Department of Agriculture, American consumers will be buying milk, cheese and other dairy products altered with items not approved as food ingredients by the Food and Drug Administration.

The new CAT in the barn is one that can turn around and bite you, if it doesn't get your attention soon.

Watching the TV commercial where the Cottonelle puppy chases an unfurling roll of toilet paper across the house left me wondering again where our toilet paper is disappearing.

How does that old song go? Send in the clowns

HOWARD, Ohio - We were fortunate here in Knox County this past summer to have had adequate rain along with all those 90-degree days.

COLUMBUS - A recent U.S. proposal to reduce farm subsidies to jump start World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations may shape the 2007 farm bill.

BURTON, Ohio - Maple syrup producer meetings have always been a winter event in Ohio. This year, the maple syrup educational meeting will take on a new look.

PITTSBURGH - It's every local retailer's worst nightmare: a new mega-store is opening just up the street.
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