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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Thing is, you can't separate the two, when you talk about farm economics.

While some kids played house, I remember playing railroad hobo with my sisters and our cousins. Our maternal grandparents, Henry and Mabel Tucker, lived on a nice, small horse farm on the outskirts of Ashland.

On any other day, the Jan. 23 confirmation that another BSE-carrying cow had been discovered in Canada would have rocked that nation and its Canadian beef-importing neighbor to the south.

It's one vicious circle. Magazines pile up under my furniture and I chide myself for subscribing to them.

Nothing's wrong just as long as You know that someday I will. Someday, somehow I'm gonna make it all right But not right now.

SUGARCREEK, Ohio - Denelle Billman, a 17-year-old New Philadelphia High School junior, has been crowned the 2006 Tuscarawas County Cattlemen's Association queen.

BIG PRAIRIE, Ohio - These days, niche marketing is a popular buzz word. For Joseph and Marion Yoder, it is a way of life.

More than 260 Percheron and Belgian draft horses changed owners at the 44th Eastern States Draft Horse Sale Feb.

COLUMBUS - Low prices draw hoards of customers to stores like Wal-Mart. But these falling prices often hit smaller, neighboring stores hard, knocking them out of the retail race. The impact makes winners of the superstore and its customers, and losers of smaller retailers, wholesalers and Wal-Mart workers.

SAN FRANCISCO - Shortly after a government report cited problems with the USDA's oversight of genetically engineered crops, a coalition of farmers, farm groups, consumers, and environmentalists filed a lawsuit, calling the USDA's approval of genetically engineered alfalfa a threat to farmers and a risk to the environment.
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