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Monthly Archives: October 2007

I wish there was a vaccine for parents, administered around the time their children start talking, that provided immunity to kidfluence.

This is the time of year that slows us down enough to enjoy the grandeur all around us. The leaves are absolutely stunning as the bright blue sky serves as their backdrop and the sunshine dapples the entire show with brilliance.

As sure as the rooster crows every morning, someone will crow every farm bill year on how New Zealand's 1984 elimination of government farm programs has brought a never-ending dawn to Kiwi farmers.

What ever happened to "play nice?" News sources quote a Chinese safety official with the "General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine" (whew!) as saying that discussion with the United States over how much lead paint could be used in toys were being worked out by product safety officials in both countries.

For me, Christmas morning can't hold a candle to one of these rare October dawns when the sun is not quite up and the dew is heavy on the grass and contrails play tic-tac-toe in heaven's splendid blue vault.

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - The 10 producers who registered the most Angus beef cattle in the state of Ohio recorded a total of 2,205 Angus with the

BOSTON - Scientists are reporting an advance toward turning corn plants into natural factories for producing gelatin to replace animal-sourced gelatin widely used by the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing capsules and tablets.

OPICO, El Salvador - In 1989, Gilberto Mancia left war-torn El Salvador to work in the United States building and repairing air conditioning units.

FARGO, N.D. - Farm trucks are involved in accidents, on and off the road, every year, but the numbers go up at harvest time.

JACKSON, Miss. - In 2004, the No. 1 cause of accidental deaths on farms among Farm Bureau members in Mississippi was drowning in farm ponds.
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