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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The United States and Japan finalized a deal Sept. 26 that will allow organic products certified in Japan or in the United States to be sold as organic in either country, beginning Jan. 1.

A self-driving car developed by Carnegie Mellon University demonstrated that it could negotiate congestion and highway traffic while safely changing lanes and merging during a challenging 33-mile drive from Cranberry, Pa., to Pittsburgh International Airport.

Officials at the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau (PFB) say moving food from the farm to the supermarket, processor and the feed mill is becoming more difficult and costly for farmers across Pennsylvania due to a deteriorating road and bridge system.
child with a doctor

There was a time when there were two choices when it came to flu shots: get vaccinated or not. This year, drug companies are not only offering the vaccine in multiple forms, they are also offering multiple vaccines.

MILFORD CENTER, Ohio — There is a new business in the area serving farmers with all their crop input needs. Novus Ag will provide...

Fuel manufacturers could use at least 4.8 billion pounds of soybean oil this year.

Hello Friends,With a Direct or Guaranteed Farm Operating Loan through the USDA’s Farm Service Agency, a qualified farmer can purchase or lease items needed...

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has levied more than $22,000 in fines against two Michigan livestock dealers who illegally moved calves without official Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. —There was a time when there were two choices when it came to flu shots: get vaccinated or not. This year,...
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