You don’t need a root cellar to store food

Fall is the time to store the food that's taken all year to produce. Indoor, in-place and buried container food storage systems are practical and affordable alternatives to the traditional root cellar. “You don’t need a root cellar to store food” describes the three alternative food storage systems in detail, and offers tips for successful produce storage.
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Partners plan greenhouses on Chicago rooftop

Gotham Greens to build 75,000 square foot rooftop greenhouse in Chicago.
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Farm and Dairy’s week in review: 10/18

Here are this week’s top stories from Farm and Dairy:
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The eastern hellbender, making a slow comeback

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Toledo Zoo, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium recently collaborated on the release of 189 captive-reared eastern hellbenders into three eastern Ohio watersheds.
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October 22, 2014

Furniture, collectibles, slot machine, china, and misc.
Boardman, OH
Oct 22, 2014 | Starting at 11:00am
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Guns, tools, furniture, jewelry, and misc.
Alliance, OH
Oct 22, 2014 | Starting at 3:00pm
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Pocket watches, household, collectibles, and misc.
Apple Creek, OH
Oct 22, 2014 | Starting at 4:00pm
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Household, autos, tools, and misc.
Rogers, OH
Oct 22, 2014 | Starting at 4:30pm
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Submit photos of your hunt!

Hunting Photos

Farm and Dairy readers have hunting feats to be proud of, and here’s the proof. Have a photo you’d like to add? Upload it now. Go ahead, Brag about your bag.