Part I: Interstate pipelines planned in Ohio

There are several types of pipelines being constructed, including collection lines, intrastate lines and interstate lines.
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Ohio CAUV tax rates: What goes up, must go up some more

Ohio farmers are up in arms over latest round of CAUV property tax increases, in some cases up by 300 percent since the last triennial update.
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Building a compost bin for backyard recycling

How do you compost? Here’s some information about building your own compost bin.
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World Trade Org. says COOL is unfair to Canada, Mexico

The battle over country of origin labeling continues, amid threats from neighboring countries to limit trade.
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Submit photos of your hunt!

Hunting Photos

Farm and Dairy readers have hunting feats to be proud of, and here’s the proof. Have a photo you’d like to add? Upload it now. Go ahead, Brag about your bag.