The perfect tree

It is that time of year when families head to the local tree farm, walk up and down the rows to find the perfect tree.With a short selling season many Christmas tree farms may find it hard to stay in business.
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We want to see your #festivefarms!

Do you decorate your farm for the holidays? Send your pictures or video clips or share on social media using the hashtag #festivefarms.
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Why do I need farm insurance?

Insurance is one of the most common risk management tools farmers and agriculture business owners take advantage of to protect their investments.
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How to make delicious Brussels sprouts

Although Brussels sprouts have a reputation for being one of the most hated vegetables, but could it be you're just not cooking them right?
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December 5, 2016

Rare items, collectibles, antiques, and misc.
North East, PA
Dec 05, 2016 | Starting at 1:00pm
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Silver US coins, fishing tackle, collectable, and misc.
Ellsworth, OH
Dec 05, 2016 | Starting at 5:00pm
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December 6, 2016

18.57 open/wooded acres, older home, free gas, and misc.
Tippecanoe, OH
Dec 06, 2016 | Starting at 4:00pm
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December 7, 2016

CNC, machinery, rolling stock, and misc.
Erie, PA
Dec 07, 2016 | Starting at 8:00am
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