Farm and Dairy’s Field Notes: Episode 4

This week, Farm and Dairy reporter Kristy Seachrist tells us about a Christmas tree farm in Wooster, Ohio, bills introduced to amend Ohio's CAUV tax formula, what Thanksgiving dinner will cost this year, plus stories you may have missed last week.
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Dush family has made Pine Tree Barn a Christmas tree destination

The Dush family has been growing Christmas trees for more than 60 years in a very unique place.
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Ohio landowners in 57 counties eligible for ag easement funds

Ten land trusts, three counties, one township and nine soil and water conservation districts will receive funding to help preserve farmland across the state.
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OSU soybean crop trials reveal higher than expected yields

Despite heavy rains that set back spring planting and dry summer conditions, soybean yields still managed to beat early predictions.
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November 26, 2015

Toys, tools, blankets, and misc.
E. Rochester, OH
Nov 26, 2015 | Starting at 2:00pm
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THANKSGIVING AUCTION: Jet Sleds, scooters, heaters, lawn carts, toys, and misc.
Mespotamia, OH
Nov 26, 2015 | Starting at 6:00pm
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November 27, 2015

Antiques, primitives, wood tools, and misc.
Ravenna, OH
Nov 27, 2015 | Starting at 10:00am
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2005 Cadillac, gas fire place ,and misc.
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Nov 27, 2015 | Starting at 10:30am
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