2012 Mercer County 4-H Roundup

Aug. 3, 2012

Sale Total: $130,914.74

Total Lots: 187


Number of Market Lots: 18

Average: $1,951.40 with champions; $1,751.00 without

Number of carcass lots: 1

Average: $1,310.40 (no champions)

Grand champion: Chance Rains

Bid: $3.10/pound Weight: 1,295 pounds

Buyer: Atwell & Perrine Excavating, McDowell Implement,

Coolspring Corn Maze

Reserve champion: Carson Ligo

Bid: $2.40/pound Weight: 1,290 pounds

Buyer: Hoss’s Steak and Sea House

Champion lightweight steer: Kaitlyn Powell

Champion heavyweight steer: Courtnie Roberts

Reserve champion lightweight beef: Kelly MacRae

Reserve champion heavyweight steer: Ethan Kasbee

Rate of gain winner: Bailey Kasbee


Number of Market Lots: 104

Average: $ 708.54 with champions; $ 694.93 without

Number of carcass lots: 1

Carcass: $1,567.50 (one champion)

Grand champion: Bailey Kasbee

Bid: $7/pound Weight: 258 pounds

Buyer: Pymatuning Deer Park

Reserve champion: Natalie Ray

Bid: $4.10/pound Weight: 250 pounds

Buyer: Howard and Son Meat Packing

Grand champion carcass: Thomas Davis

Bid: $9.50/pound Weight: 165 pounds

Buyer: Anonymous

Champion lightweight hog: Brennan McTighe

Champion mediumweight hog: Marshall McKean

Champion heavyweight hog: Courtnie Roberts

Reserve champion lightweight hog: Brandon Gosnell

Reserve champion mediumweight hog: Matthew Strouss

Reserve champion heavyweight hog: Kaiden Roberts

Rate of gain winner: Carson Ligo


Number of Market Lots: 33

Number of carcass: 2

Average: $360.72 with champions; $328.56 without

Carcass lambs: $598.75 with champions

Grand champion: Reese Gadsby

Bid: $6/pound Weight: 133 pounds

Buyer: Reynolds Sparkle/Greenville Giant Eagle

Reserve champion: Carlin Ligo

Bid: $7/pound Weight: 133 pounds

Buyer: Doors and More

Grand champion carcass lamb: Lauren Steele

Bid: $9/pound Weight: 62 pounds

Buyer: Newton Financial, Struthers Farms and

ReMax Real Estate Consultants LLC.

Reserve champion carcass lamb: Ellen Steele

Bid: $8.15/pound Weight: 66 pounds

Buyer: Whispering Pines Veterinary Service

Champion lightweight lamb: Cassidy Gadsby

Champion mediumweight lamb: Katie Bollard

Reserve champion lightweight lamb: Abagail Johnston

Reserve champion mediumweight lamb: Kacy Scott

Rate of Gain: Kacy McLaughlin

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2012 Mercer County 4-H Roundup


Number of Market Lots: 11

Average: $301.30 with champions; $239.36 without

Grand champion: Kaley Scott

Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 109 pounds

Buyer: Dr. Stuart Anderson

Reserve champion: Chance Krumsiek

Bid: $5.25/pound Weight: 86 pounds

Buyer: Pennsylvania Grain Processing LLC.

Champion lightweight goat: Christen Krumsiek

Reserve champion lightweight goat: Emma Devine

Reserve champion mediumweight goat: Chance Rains

Reserve champion heavyweight/ rate of gain winner:

Kacy Scott


Number of Lots: 26

Average: $695.21/basket*

Total: $17,965

Highest cheese yield: Brooke George

Bid: $915

Buyer: Sandy Lake Mills, Sandy Lake, Pa.

* Totals and averages include extra baskets sold for

Mercer County 4-H Dairy Youth and the 2012 Mercer County 4-H Cheese Auction


Number of Lots: 10

Average: $140.00 with champions; $125.15 without

Number of Pens: 7

Average: $187.23 with champions; $55.94 without

Grand champion: Brittany Michael

Bid: $52.50/pound Weight:7.6 pounds

(Champion roaster/Grand champion rabbit project)

Buyer: Jones Processing

Reserve champion: Daelyn Gilson

Bid: $65/pound Weight: 14 pounds

(Champion Pen/Reserve Champion Market Project)

Buyer: Pizza Joe’s, Mercer, Grove City, Greenville

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