9/11 anniversary reminds us of loss of innocent lives


Who can forget the 3000 who died on that horrific day ten years ago? Our government has been retaliating ever since against those responsible.

That same government protects those who murder 3000 innocent daily in abortion clinics. It’s easy to ignore or forget what we don’t see.

W.J. McChesney

New Galilee, Pa.


  1. Sharon says:

    I really don’t see what the 9/11 attacks have to do with abortion

  2. okiestorm1 says:

    I agree with Sharon!

  3. okiestorm1 says:

    Abortion is a very touchy subject. In my opinion i think abortion is about a persons choice, but on the same hand i think there needs to be some kind of regulations also,there are so many unwanted children that need good homes as there is. I think abortion needs to be for those that are young,rape victems, have medical problems.I think that someone that keeps getting pregnate and haveing abortions need to answer for thier acts also.There needs to be some kind of,how do I put this,tracking, for those that keep getting pregnate and keep haveing abortions, this is wrong and they should be stoped.it is a persons choice and needs to be thier choice but to abuse that right is not right.

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