Carroll County 2013 youth fair livestock auction results


CARROLLTON, Ohio— The Carroll County youth livestock auction could have suffered through Ohio’s heat wave, but prior to the beginning of the youth livestock auction, a thunderstorm rocked the fairgrounds and cooled the temperature. Puddles and mud became a welcome replacement to the oppressive heat.

July 19, 2013
Sale Total: $304,872.95
Total Lots: 287

Last year’s Carroll County fair results


Number of Market Lots: 26
Average: $2.56/pound with champions; $1.93/pound without

Grand champion: Matt Borland
Bid: $3.5/pound              Weight: 1,318 pound
Buyer: Minerva Veterinary Clinic

Reserve champion: Travis Johnson
Bid: $3.25/pound              Weight: 1,412 pounds
Buyer: Damascus Livestock Auction

Grand champion carcass: Jaret Lane
Bid: $4/pound              Weight: 768 pounds
Buyer: Don’s Custom Meats


Number of Lots: 28
Average: $2.08/pound with champions; $1.94/pound without

Grand champion: Evan Ferguson
Bid: $3.75/pound              Weight: 677 pounds
Buyer: Chesapeake Energy
Reserve champion: Lynden Ferguson
Bid: $4/pound              Weight: 597 pounds
Buyer: Gateway Royalty


Number of Market Lots: 82
Average: $4.22/pound with champions; $3.89/pound without

Grand champion: Jenna Chiavari
Bid: $11/pound              Weight: 278 pounds
Buyer: Gateway Royalty
Reserve champion: Kyle Host
Bid: $12/pound              Weight: 276 pounds
Buyer: Gateway Royalty
Grand champion carcass: Kurt Davis
Bid: $10/pound              Weight: 182 pounds
Buyer: Rex Energy
Reserve champion carcass: Megan Gromley
Bid: $9/pound              Weight: 199 pounds
Buyer: Kishman’s IGA


Number of Market Lots: 15
Average: $10.33/pound with champions; $3.73/pound without

Grand champion: Travis Johnson
Bid: $31/pound              Weight: 145 pounds
Buyer: All American Scales
Reserve champion: Joseph Moody
Bid: $24/pound              Weight: 127 pounds
Buyer: Huebner Chevrolet
Grand champion carcass: Olivia Moody
Bid: $28/pound              Weight: 80 pounds
Buyer: Rex Energy
Reserve champion carcass: Jacob Winn
Bid: $30/pound              Weight: 59 pounds
Buyer: Gateway Royalty


Number of Pens of Three: 11
Average: $389.91 with champions; $321.67 without

Grand champion: Ryan Bowman
Bid: $600            
Buyer: Rex Energy

Reserve champion: LeaEllen Leslie
Bid: $750        
Buyer: Gateway Royalty


Number of Market Lots: 24
Average: $7.67/pound with champions; $5.5/pound without

Grand champion: Haley Jenkins
Bid: $27/pound              Weight: 78 pounds
Buyer: Gateway Royalty
Reserve champion: Jennifer Barnhart
Bid: $15/pound              Weight: 79 pounds
Buyer: Rex Energy


Number of Pens of Three: 58
Average: $405.09 with champions; $388.75 without

Grand champion: Anthony Costarella
Bid: $900              
Buyer: J Hawk Water Service
Reserve champion: Kady Davis
Bid: $825             
Buyer: Dr. John Walters


Number of Lots: 16
Average: $513.44 with champions; $393.93 without

Grand champion: Hannah Peterson
Bid: $1400
Buyer: J Hawk Water Service
Reserve champion: Logan Snode
Bid: $1300              
Buyer: Gateway Royalty

Auctioneers and Ringmen:

Wayne Falb, Eugene Kiko, Bill Birney, Bill Newell

Junior Fair Royalty:
Brittany Rohr, Annabel Vernier, Elizabeth Bormuth, Cheyenne Morsheiser




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