Homemade food sold through cottage-food law

Farmers market jams

In Ohio, a variety of foods found at farmers markets and roadside stands are sold without license or inspection. These products are known as “cottage foods.”

According to The Canton Repository, the cottage-food law permits items like some baked goods, granola and jams to be sold without inspection.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture samples cottage foods to determine if they need specific labeling for ingredient information and net weight. Even without a license, home-produced foods are in demand by consumers who trust cottage-food vendors.

From The Canton Repository:

“Ohio’s cottage-food law originally allowed homemade candies, fruit butters, jams and jellies and baked items that didn’t need refrigeration. The state added popcorn, waffle cones, granola and dry herbs to the list in 2009.”

Via: The Canton Repository > The sweet taste of cottage food



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