Reader thanks good Samaritan who corralled her cows



On Dec. 28 a kind, thoughtful and wonderful person, or persons, performed an act of kindness and I want to thank them.

When I got home from work I found my cows had opened the barn door. My immediate thought was they had escaped. They had, but at that time, they were well contained in the side pasture.

Tracks in the mud told the story of cows wandering through the yard. Goodness knows for how long. There was no note, no phone call. No indication of who the good Samaritan was that wrangled then into the pasture and closed the side gate. I know it wouldn’t have been an easy task.

I want to publicly thank that person, or persons. I always knew that Columbiana County folk are good people. This experience is just more proof.

Gloria Tritten Mathews
Lisbon, Ohio



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