Reader: People need educated about ‘wild’ animals



There was an article in the local paper saying all 88 counties have to have a DWART — dangerous wild animal response team.

I went to the Coshocton County EMA director’s office to speak with him. He is busy, he is in training and not there, and the best office closed when I was told he would be there and I could speak with him then.

I have a Savannah, she is excluded on the ban list. I have a “Bengal cat.”

I wanted to inform the uneducated of Coshocton DWART that my cat is not related nor a hybrid of a tiger, and it is not on the ban list. Period. Went through the same thing with ODNR.

So who is going to educate the uneducated before they are brainwashed and paid for by the animal rights. Labels are going to get twisted, just as they keep stating a “Bengal cat” is a “tiger.” Where does the education start? Since I keep getting harassed by them, a class action lawsuit against stupid sounds good.

B.J. McDowell

Plainfield, Ohio



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