Reader: United Egg Producers agreement is ironic



In response to the July 7 article, United Egg Producers and HSUS announce agreement over hen housing, how ironic is it that on the heels of the closing session of the 2011 Iowa legislature (a leading egg-producing state) in which so-called “Ag-Gag” bill stalled, which would have made hidden video recordings on factory farms illegal, the United Egg Producers agree to improve conditions for egg-laying hens?

This comes after UEP officials said multiple studies had shown that consumers want humane care for farm animals.

The very same undercover video recordings that have lifted the veil concealing the indecency on U.S. factory farms and made consumers aware of the inherently cruel nature of industrial agriculture have no doubt played a role in this Big-Ag attempt at reform.

If this federal legislation passes, undercover investigations on factory farms will be needed more than ever to keep those with the most to lose honest.

Becca Alexander

Powell, Ohio



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