Oat Crispbreads



  • 1/2 medium oatmeal, ground finer in blender or processor
  • pinch of salt
  • 3 tablespoons cold milk
  • more oatmeal for rolling out


Put oatmeal into bowl with salt. Mix well; add milk. Stir to make soft dough. Sprinkle worktop liberally with oatmeal and divide dough into three. Roll each piece out thinly and trim neatly into squares or oblongs. Take crispbreads off worktop carefully, using spatula. Have ready a heated griddle, heavy-based frying pan or pancake pan. A moderate heat is all that is required; if pan is too hot, crispbreads will burn. Cook two at a time for two minutes; turn over and cook just a minute on other side. Cool on wire rack and serve freshly baked.
Excellent with soup or cheese in packed lunch. Try to make all same size and shape; they will look really professional. If you find it easier, use pastry cutter.