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Strawberry-Swirl Cheesecake Smoothie

Ingredients: 6 oz. (3/4 of 8-oz. pkg.) Cream Cheese, softened 1-1/2 cups milk 1/3 cup sugar, divided 1-1/2 tsp. vanilla 7 graham crackers, divided 2 cups frozen whole strawberries, slightly thawed Directions: Blend cream cheese, milk, 3 Tbsp. sugar, vanilla and 6 crackers in blender until smooth. Pour all but about 1/2 cup of the […]

Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Ingredients: 1 cup thawed Whipped Topping 1 container (6 oz.) strawberry nonfat yogurt 1 cup sliced strawberries 1 medium banana, sliced 1 cup crushed ice Directions: Blend all ingredients in blender on high speed until smooth. Serve immediately.

Fruit Smoothie II

Ingredients: 3 cups strawberries, frozen (or other frozen fruit) 2 cups milk, low-fat 1 banana, large 1 cup yogurt (plain or vanilla) Directions: Defrost the frozen fruit just enough so that it will blend easily.
 Pour the milk into the blender.
 Add the pieces of frozen fruit to the milk in the blender.
 Add the […]

Keith’s Gingersnaps

(This recipe is from Annette Crowell, Columbus, Ohio, who shared it as part of her Dinner Guest essay, “My Dad makes the best…”. It’s a favorite of her dad, Keith Crowell.) Ingredients: 3/4 cup shortening 1/4 cup light molasses 1 cup sugar 1 egg 2 cups flour 2 tsp. soda 1 tsp. ginger 1/4 tsp. […]

Julie’s Dad’s Angel Food Cake

Ingredients: 1 cup plus 2 heaping tablespoons cake flour 
 1½ cups sugar, divided 
 1¾ cups egg whites, warmed (14 to 16 eggs) 
 2 tablespoons water 
pinch of salt 
 2½ teaspoons cream of tartar 
 1 teaspoon coconut extract 
 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, preferably white 
 1 teaspoon almond extract Directions: […]

Eliette’s Dad’s Burgers

Ingredients: 2 pounds ground beef 3/4 cup brown sugar 3 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce Salt & Pepper to taste Optional: Bread Crumbs Directions: Combine above ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Then, form into handful-sized patties. Final, throw onto a fire-hot grill & Enjoy. Note: If you want your burgers to taste even better, add more […]

Chicken Enchiladas Submitted by Farm and Dairy’s Aimee Tenzek for her daughter Lillian and her dad.

Ingredients: 1⁄4 cup butter or 1⁄4 cup margarine 1⁄4 cup flour 2 cups chicken stock (or canned broth) 8 ounces sour cream 8 ounces chopped green chilies, undrained 1⁄4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 3 cups chopped cooked chicken breasts 2 cups monterey jack cheese (or more) 8 flour tortillas Directions: In medium saucepan, melt butter. Stir […]

Baked Taco Casserole Submitted by Amber and her Dad of Canton, OH

Ingredients: 1 lb. ground beef 1 taco seasoning packet 1 can corn 1 green pepper, diced small 1/2 onion, diced small 4 cups shredded cheddar cheese, divided 1 box Jiffy Cornbread mix Directions: rown the ground beef, and add seasoning according to directions on package. Set aside to cool for about 30 minutes while chopping […]

Chicken Wing Dip Submitted by Samuel and his Dad of Mansfield, OH

Ingredients: 2 cups shredded cooked chicken 1 (8 oz. pkg.) cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup Buffalo Wings Sauce 1/2 cup blue cheese dressing 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese Directions: Combine all ingredients and spoon into lined slow cooker. Cook on medium setting for about 1 hour, or until mixture is heated through; stir. Set temperature […]

Apple Pancakes Submitted by Nolan and his Dad of Salem, OH

Ingredients: 1 apple 1 1/4 cups pancake mix (any type) 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 egg 2 teaspoons canola oil 1 cup milk, low-fat Directions: Lightly coat a griddle or skillet with cooking spray and heat over medium heat. Peel, core and thinly slice apple into rings. In a large mixing bowl, combine ingredients for pancake […]


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