Sat., July 20, 2019 at 10:00am

Hartland Machinery Auctioneers
Auction Venue

280 Argyle St.

Petrolia, PA

Petrolia, PA

Sat. July 20, 2019

Starting at 10:00 am • Doors open at 8:00 am


J&S Industrial Supply Co. & estate auction

280 Argyle St., Petrolia, PA 16050

Thousands of new industrial supplies

House and shop space for auction at noon

Complete saw sharpening shop with Foley equipment, new industrial supply merchandise, including plumbing, thousands of feet of annealed copper tubing in 3/8” & ¼”, new ball & ball-cone check valves, Ashcroft general service gauges, low pressure gauges, Bimetal thermometers, Caulk guns, stainless hose clamps, Fill valves, Tape, Hydraulic hoses & fittings & repair kits, Chainsaw bars, Band saw & circular saw blades, Tarps, Torches, Screwdriver & socket sets, Power tools, Measuring tapes, Wire brushes, Metabo & B&D cut off wheels, abrasive discs, spiral cool backing pads, Shop rolls- asst grits & sizes, Hammer handles, Pipe wrenches, Pipe & hose fittings, Hose by the reel, Safety glasses, Hard hats, Utility knives, CM 2 ton chain fall w/ chain basket, Lanterns, Flashlights, Pig mat, Aluminum stepladders, Lug-all cable ratchet winch – 1.5 ton, Fasteners- hex head bolts & nuts, multiple sizes, rope, Brooms & brushes, paint brushes, Mops, Work lights, c-clamps, bug lights, rakes, disposable gloves, work gloves, boot covers, saws, Cleaners, soaps- GOJO, super stripper, bar brass cleaner, quaternary disinfectant, pumice soap, deodorant, soft scrub hand cleaner, odor counteractant, bleach cleaners, stainless polish, Safety absorbent, restaurant supplies- to go packages, plates, cups, lids, bags, straws, shot glasses, roll towels, Lawn Boy mower and lawn trimmers

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Hartland Machinery


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