Sat., February 16, 2019 at 8:30am

Mt Hope Auction
Auction Venue

7701 SR 214

Millersburg, OH

Millersburg, OH • Sat. Feb. 16, 2019

starting at 8:30 AM

Produce Equipment Auction

at the Farmers Produce Auction

7701 SR 241, Millersburg, OH 44654

Selling transplanters, plastic layers and other equipment for the produce grower. Also,  greenhouses &  2 wagonloads of produce supplies from Yoder’s Produce. We will be selling inside of 2 wagons of produce supplies until 10:00AM. Large Produce equipment and other items will begin at 10:00 AM.

Early Consignments: 150 gallon transplanter w/ multiple waterwheels, ultimate plastic layer w/ fertilizer attach, disc lifter, E-Z position sprayer, 24” high feeder brushes, washer absorber, roundtable, I-J cultivator, pumpkin washer w/ conveyor, 8’ Hostetler Cultimulcher, wagon, strawberry carriers, sprinklers, rain suits, over 2000’ of 2” flat tube, irrigation fittings, 2”, 3”, 4” layflat, sandfilters, injectors, sanidate, variety of chemical sprays, drip tape, 76” row cover hoops, row cover, lots of filled sandbags, 20’ Hoop bender mounted on 4’x8’ plywood, 3’ Hoop bender mounted on 4’x8’ plywood, 334 8qt Strawberry flats, 2- 6 qt strawberry field carriers, 900 14”x26” green poly sandbags, 6- ¾” Netifin “Aqua Pro” battery Controller/timers, 5 “Rain Bird Orbit” battery controller timers, 1- Buctraco Bed Shaper Mdl #4321-D w/2 drip tape layers/guides, 5” & 12” bed height pkgs, 1- Potato Plow 3pt hitch Cat I, 1- StaFast tractor hitch, 16” washer, 35 New Dripper Stakes, 37 New Pressure Emitters, used mixed Rite Injector (works good), ¾ Orchard Tubing – holes punched every foot (approx. 2000 holes), ¼” Spaghetti Tube Roll (started roll), Kifeo Water Reel B130 – 1.3”x330’ hose size – can operation 5 hp pump, McCormick #9 Hay Mower – rebuilt, Raised Bed Plastic Layer, E-Z Trail Boom Sprayer, 24” Washer – Complete – 18” clearance, Potato Plow, Boom Sprayer w/ 18’ Boom – good condition, 700 Black Foldable Plastic Crate – all sizes, 6’ Belt Conveyor, 6’ Inspection Conveyor, 6’ Round Sorting Table, New 3 Pt Buckeye Row Cover Layer, 2 Row JD Plateless Corn Planter, Solo Mist Blower, WX10 Mini Pump, Orchard Sprayer w/ Engine & Tank, 16’ Gooseneck Enclosed Trailer – Air Ride -16,000 GVW.

Unloading Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. Wednesday unloading after 12:00 Noon.

Auctioneers: Orus Mast & Arlen Yoder

Call or fax us if you want your consignments advertised.

For more information contact: Jim Mullet – 330-763-0533 or Thurman Mullet at Ph. 330-674-6188

Day of Sale Phone: 330-674-7661 Fax 330-674-3748



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