Friday, August 12, 2022

For the past two decades, the Stacy Family Farm has been both a family and a community affair.

In Hiram, Ohio, Birdsong Farm owner, Matt Herbruck, says: “I realized I needed to do a job I felt good about at the end of the day."

EAST CANTON, Ohio — Imagine being responsible for six children, 132 dairy cattle and 400 acres on a daily basis. Some would say it is...

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSAs, have grown in Ohio in the past 10 years. But the concept may be reaching critical mass, according to Brad Bergefurd, OSU Extension state horticulture specialist.

22 students from the New Frontier Academy are getting lessons in marketing and hard work this summer.

Promoting the quality of a farm’s product, according to Sam Hawk, is every bit as important as the day-to-day production work. Hawk has no problem discussing his passion for farming.

Richard Theaker’s first ancestors in Ohio were blacksmiths by trade and the deed to the first Theaker property in Ohio was, in fact, written on sheepskin.
Chuck Wildman

Ohio swine farm moving toward more transparency, greater efficiency as a feeder-only operation.

The Lake to River Food Hub of Youngstown is working to tie farmers, food and the community together.
Trudel family farm

Growing berries was something they always wanted to do, but was very new to them.

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