Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Livestock that consume endophyte-infected fescue may experience symptoms associated with ergot alkaloid toxicity. Long-term exposure to tall grass fescue containing toxic endophytes may lead to fescue foot and fat necrosis.

The time of the year when frost seeding is most effective in Ohio will not be here until February or March.

It looks like the drought of 2012 is in the record books. Rainfall is back and we actually have seen pastures and hayfields recover...

It seems there are never enough days in the fall of the year to accomplish all the things I want/need to do. Daylight hours...
cow grazing

Learn how to develop a team-oriented grazing plan to manage your pastures better.

A key component to maintaining healthy animals is to have a healthy relationship with your veterinarian. 

Livestock species have different tolerances to onions. Sheep and goats have the highest tolerance with beef having the lowest.

Grazing guru Dean Slates recommends taking a critical look at your grazing resources.

Late summer provides a window of opportunity to renovate weedy or thin pasture areas and there are a couple of good options to accomplish that task.
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Glyphosate does what it's supposed to, in a safe and efficient manner.