Tuesday, November 28, 2023
wild hog

For the past six years, federal and state programs have enabled drone surveillance, sharpshooters in helicopters and high-tech traps to manage feral pigs.
wood frog

The University of Mount Union’s vernal pool in the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center attracts frogs, ducks, snakes, newts, fingernail clams and water fleas.
Great blue heron chicks

It's only been in the last few years that waterfowl have returned to Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area near Shreve, Ohio after an absence of nearly two decades.
White bass

White bass are fun to catch and good to eat. Learn more about white bass fishing opportunities in Ohio.
Josh Kuszmaul

Raptor Hallow Sanctuary, located west of Alliance, Ohio, houses many magnificent creatures that came from wildlife rehabilitation centers all over the U.S.
Bald eagle feeding chick

Bald eagle populations all over the United States have been growing. Learn more about the programs and changes that contributed to their recovery.
decoy ducks

Vic Sutek of Columbiana County is just as passionate about duck hunting at 63 as he was at 18. Only one thing has changed — no more plastic decoys.

Learn more about the ROW project, short for right-of-way, and how it's helped birds and pollinators survive.

A crew of 20 firefighters left the Ohio state fire marshal's office in mid-August to help combat wildfires near the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota.
trophy-size muskellunge

Learn more about Ohio's muskellunge population, why it has to be maintained, which bodies of water are stocked annually and how to catch the trophy fish.