Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Editor Susan Crowell poses questions to the Class of 2019 (and just about everyone).
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We can’t wish this current farm economy away, and we can’t ignore the impact to individual farms and farmers. Commentary from Editor Susan Crowell.
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Consumers are slowly becoming more willing to buy "ugly fruit," which are seconds or cull produce. And retailers are jumping on the bandwagon, says Editor Susan Crowell in her commentary.

Above: Note from a Farm and Dairy reader North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler was eating lunch with some staff members at a local restaurant...
Susan Crowell Farm and Dairy Editor

After 34 years with Farm and Dairy, Editor Susan Crowell pens her final column.
3D food printer

Editor Susan Crowell thought she'd heard or read it all. "But, trust me, you haven’t," she says. There’s now a 3D printer for cheese.
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The connection we have to the land, to livestock and to the stewardship of it all is not something many people experience. And it shows. It seems that almost daily, I hear of new experiments to create food that eliminates the need for animal products. As much as we might like to post ironic memes about it on social media, or laugh it off, it’s here.

The issue of how the video from Conklin Dairy Farms came to be produced and released is rather murky. Editor Susan Crowell has more questions than answers.

Lake Erie Bill of Rights is dead in the water, for now. Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Miller asks: what does it mean for farmers?

China is a Calculating Giant, assessing its options, positioning itself for continued dominance -- particularly on the world food scene.