Saturday, June 25, 2022

Human resource management is becoming a bigger issue as we see farms grow from single family units to multiple family and employee dependent operations.

Bernie Erven, ag economist at The Ohio State University specializing in human resource issues writes about the two-sided question of employee motivation.
alfalfa field

If weeds become a problem, they can compete or interfere for light, nutrients, water and space, directly influencing yield, quality and standability.

Now, more than ever, big swings in crop prices and input costs points toward negotiating some flexibility in cash leases for farmland. “Volatile” and...

Shoemaker says since the weather is warming up, at least temporarily, it's time for a quick review of the scourge of cow udders.

Ernie Oelker, agricultural extension agent in Columbiana County, writes about the design and sizing of bunker silos for dairy operations.

During the next month, I will be on the road across Ohio helping to teach the OSU Income Tax Schools. These workshops help teach...
dairy freestall

For the country's dairy farmers, there doesn't appear to be anything "sweet" to anticipate in '16. On the contrary, slimming down production costs is essential.

A deep dive into a cow's production data to determine who has better genetics to manage heat stress can have long-term benefits.
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Make sure farm equipment, buggies and other slow-moving vehicles are properly marked when driving them on the road.