Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Not your seat belt, but what is stopping you from being a better dairy manager? OSU Extension dairy specialist Dianne Shoemaker asks pointed questions in this week's column.

Not all farm people are "fair people," but most are, as OSU Extension Dairy Specialist Dianne Shoemaker shares in her column this week, which explores her transition to fair-dom.
farmer shadow

As farms continue to consolidate it becomes increasingly important to assess a farm's management skills.

With deadlines quickly approaching, here are some dairy program reminders.

Ernie Oelker, agricultural extension agent in Columbiana County, writes about loan and financial assistance programs for the family farm.

The Class III price moved from $21.67/cwt in August to $19.07/cwt in September, a drop of $2.60/cwt. Although a Class III price above $19/cwt would have been a high price just a few years ago, this is no longer the case with current feed prices.

Crop profitability prospects for 2012 are positive for the three major row crops in Ohio. Input costs have increased from last year but high...

Dianne Shoemaker writes about the importance of getting immunity to calves through the first colostrum.

Shoemaker writes about when things don't quite go according to plan - for example, when it won't stop raining.

Ernie Oelker invites producers to check out farm profitability data, then figure how their own worth stacks up.