Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fermentation is a growing trend for producing safe, easy and healthy foods and beverages.
elderberry cough syrup, tea leaves, oils

The holiday season is full of celebrations, decorations and shopping for gifts. Unfortunately it is also full of colds, sluggish digestion and dry skin.

Clear, consistent record keeping is much easier and more efficient than rustling through a box of receipts at tax time.
garden planning and crops collage

Regardless of which method you choose, there are numerous benefits to good garden planning.
DIY bath and beauty products

To make these DIY bath and beauty products, you need a few natural ingredients and little time.
ruby-throated hummingbird and flowers

Learn how to provide ideal food sources, flowers and shelter to create a successful hummingbird habitat.
beans and watermelon seeds

Seed starting containers and homemade potting medium can be made with just a few supplies.

A number of factors influence the increase in egg production when the weather turns warm.
essential oils

Essential oils contain all the organic compounds, elements and constituents from the plant which they are derived. Their powerful properties have been used in natural health and healing for centuries.
radishes, lettuce and carrots

In August our regional average temperature begin to decrease, signaling that fall is on the way. Plant now to fill your cornucopia with an abundant fall harvest!