Friday, August 12, 2022

By the 20th century, the passenger pigeon disappeared from the sky above and the earth below. It was extinct.
historic cabin

Hugh Earnhart digs into the mass migration of tens of thousands of Americans into the western part of the Unites States and what it took to make it happen.
sewing machines

Learn how the invention of the sewing machine led to the evolution of the American mercantile economy into the age of industrial capitalism.
kid on a train

"Orphan trains" were one of many remedies to try to unravel the plight of poverty in the cities of America in the mid-19th century and early 20th century.
gavel on U.S. flag

If FDR had exercised a little patience, he could have shaped the character of the Supreme Court without attempting to restructure the institution itself.

Learn more about the Battle of the Little Bighorn and Col. George A. Custer.
Blue Ridge Mountains

Thomas Jefferson spearheaded the Louisiana Purchase agreement, which was signed May 2, 1803, and Louisiana was purchased for $15 million.

Learn more about the planning and execution of the Invasion of Normandy — "Operation Overlord" — on June 6, 1944.
rocky mountains

The mountain men were the pioneers of the Rocky Mountains, who came first as fur trappers, lured to the West by beavers and later by the buffalo.
treshing machine

Threshing day was the greatest day of the year for farmers in the 1930s when life was slower, harder and more neighborly.