Friday, August 12, 2022
rocky mountains

The mountain men were the pioneers of the Rocky Mountains, who came first as fur trappers, lured to the West by beavers and later by the buffalo.
Yosemite National Park

Theodore Roosevelt's lifelong love of the outdoors, the animals and the natural resources propelled him to foster the conservation of America's landscape.

Learn how Levi Strauss Co. and Jacob Davis secured patent No. 139,121 for "a pair of pantaloons having the pocket openings secured by means of rivets."

The post office created the Railway Post Office (RPO) in 1869. Learn more about the innovations that made it possible and how it evolved over time.
appalachian mountains

Under the operation of early policies, millions of Americans today enjoy a security of life and liberty that many people around the world don't get.
Plymouth rock

The Plymouth colony was never large, but it played a significant role in pointing other dissenters the way to the New World.

During the Civil War, there were spies who gathered information for the Union and Confederate causes. Hugh Earnhart details the big five.
paint brushes

In 1943, Norman Rockwell painted the Four Freedoms and instantly became "America's artist in chief."
United Nations

Learn how Woodrow Wilson's failed League of Nations eventually led to the establishment of the United Nations.
route 66

Learn more about Route 66's history, unique construction, impact on pop culture and legacy, as well as, how it was phased out over time.