Tuesday, May 24, 2022
New York City 1890

The United States attracted many European immigrants during the decades of 1840 and 1850. Learn more about these large migrations and what caused them.
paint brushes

In 1943, Norman Rockwell painted the Four Freedoms and instantly became "America's artist in chief."
the white house

After World War II the U.S. had to find a new approach to the problem of peaceful stabilization of international affairs due to Soviet Union expansion.

The ratification of the 18th Amendment and the enactment of the Volstead Act marked the culmination of a long campaign in the U.S. against liquor traffic. 
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Probably the most revolutionary of all the New Deal undertakings was the Social Security Act. Find out how it was created, amended and finally passed.

Learn more about how the Mexican war started, ended and everything in that happened in between.

Learn more about the Battle of the Little Bighorn and Col. George A. Custer.

Although the Mayo Clinic grew beyond the lives of its creators, it's important to remember it was built on the practices and ideas of three individuals.
Plymouth rock

The Plymouth colony was never large, but it played a significant role in pointing other dissenters the way to the New World.

Planes, ships and tanks got the most attention, but thousands of other items were no less impressive. Learn more about American manufacturers' role in WWII.