Monday, September 25, 2023

Planes, ships and tanks got the most attention, but thousands of other items were no less impressive. Learn more about American manufacturers' role in WWII.
grand canyon

Hugh Earnhart recaps the tale of John Wesley Powell and nine other men, who set off to explore the Grand Canyon on May 24, 1869.

Learn more about how the Mexican war started, ended and everything in that happened in between.
gavel on U.S. flag

If FDR had exercised a little patience, he could have shaped the character of the Supreme Court without attempting to restructure the institution itself.
republican elephant and democrat donkey

Learn more about how two major parties — Democrat and Republican ­­­— came to dominate the national elections in the United States.

Learn how Levi Strauss Co. and Jacob Davis secured patent No. 139,121 for "a pair of pantaloons having the pocket openings secured by means of rivets."

Hugh Earnhart offers an inside look at British trade policy during the 17th century and explores how the Colonies fit into things.

Discontent grew in the South until southern states began seceding and eventually formed the Confederacy to oppose the Union army in the American Civil War.
covered wagon

Learn more about the start of a large migration of Anglo-Saxon pioneers at the end of the War of 1812.
flag and fireworks

Hugh Earnhart details the long history of the Fourth of July — the birthday of the United States of America.