Saturday, September 23, 2023
Judith Sutherland

Judith Sutherland

“If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either.” So true!

Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest president at age 43. Today, his words still inspire many.
Weisend sheep flock

Though it is clear the market will never reach the peak of 1945, the demand for sheep is rising, strengthening the market.
farm kids

Nothing good ever comes from boredom — something most farm kids don't experience. Self-discipline is built into daily chores, the more demanding the better.

To say man is of the earth and that his well-being, even his very survival, depends on an occasional return to it is not...
farmer by tractor

Farmers do more, and more responsibly, than most of us know.
wooden bridge

Judith Sutherland recalls her first trip out of Ohio to a farm in Pennsylvania to buy a young boar pig.

Judith Sutherland reflects on how her community comes together during times of loss.
covered wagons

Judith Sutherland recalls all the lessons her children and their friends learn from her living room playing The Oregon Trail on their old Mac.
lighted marquee family sign

From square dancing to singing, Christmas was a time for tradition.