Monday, July 4, 2022
Judith Sutherland

Judith Sutherland

Columnist Judith Sutherland has relied on Farm and Dairy readers to help her and her family survive the writing of each week's column for 15 years.

Ever since the summer day that Channing arrived on our farm, things have seemed a little brighter around here.

"And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." -- Abraham Lincoln It looks...

Sometimes, the only dose of medicine that makes any sense at all is time spent in the innocence of a child's playroom kitchen. Last...

It was a beautiful day for a road trip, and there was a lamb out there in the world calling my name.

To honor the passing of Sue Hubbell, Judith Sutherland reminds us "one need not enjoy rustic living to enjoy the wonders of nature."
2000-01 Hillsdale High School basketball team

Blessed with a long life, this morning it feels to many of us that Vic Kahl’s journey still wasn’t quite long enough as we say the final farewell. 
farm storm

Judith Sutherland shares the message: Anger, simmering with an unreasonable wish for total control, is a dangerous thing. 

Columnist Judie Sutherland scratches her head at the changes she's seen in her lifetime, and not all of them for the better.

One day recently, the morning TV news carried two headlines that made me stop in my tracks. Condoleeza Rice was appealing for several billion dollars in aid to be sent to Tunisia, and about quadruple that billion dollar amount to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.