Sunday, August 1, 2021

Julie Geiss shares the tradition of pickled beets in her family and reviews some of the health benefits.
Eastern spiny softshell turtle

Julie Geiss explains how her woods and fields became Neverland this summer as her sons and their cousins became Lost Boys in search of new adventures.
Killdeer nest

Julie Giess recounts a recent run-in with a killdeer and reflects on what a great time of year it is for birdwatchers.
Needles Highway

Julie Geiss and her family work their way west through the Black Hills of South Dakota and onward to Mount Rushmore.

Julie Geiss takes us back to the end of summer sometime in the 1980s, during a time of sibling rivalries and prized Egyptian heirloom tomatoes.
freshly fallen snow

Julie Geiss decided a long time ago, she can't change the weather, but she can change her response to it.
Lake County

Julie Geiss shares her experience hiking scenic segments of the Buckeye Trail and other smaller trails in Lake County, Ohio.

Julie Geiss recalls the time she tried to raise peafowl and all the trials and tribulations that came with it. Is she going for round two?

Julie Geiss shares some winter activities her family has participated in instead of cross-country skiing this year.
disc golf

Julie Geiss and her family recently took up disc golf. Their most recent trip was close to home at the Mill Creek MetroPark farm in Canfield.