Friday, April 12, 2024

(Authors note: Names and locations have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent and any resemblance to anyone living or annoying is purely coincidental.

Columnist Kymberly Foster Seabolt reflects on American fashion. We have certainly grown as a nation in since 1776, but unfortunately, our clothes have gotten smaller.

There is a point in life when you realize that you never do, in fact, outgrow high school. Worse, you never really get over...

Kymberly Foster Seabolt, a home improvement expert (sort of), urges you to use your creativity to make everything old new (to you) again.

I easily snap 3,000 photos every month. It's probably closer to 10,000, but I edged the number down so as not to appear entirely crazy.

I had cookies for dinner last night. Who over the age of 4 does that?

Are we really doomed to see a return of leg warmers and Big Hair? Columnist Kymberly Foster Seabolt says once killed, a fashion trend should stay dead.

Mother’s Day was this month and advertisers went nuts lauding mothers with a push toward candy, bouquets and flowery sentiments. People waited hours in...

It doesn't matter how loud or messy the other person is, you're all in.

Kym Seabolt dove into the original social media — old newspapers — and devoured her great grandfather's court-appointed vengeance with glee.