Sunday, March 29, 2020

Because we have been working on this old house or another for the last 70 billion years someone will occasionally ask me why I...

I am a soccer mom and I am OK with that.
toilet paper

Is the mega pack of 8 double rolls of x linear feet of a certain ply a better, or worse, deal than 12 regular sized rolls of a different ply? Super? Mega?

What does one give the 9-year-old who has everything? My children -- and most of their friends -- are the luckiest children in America....

I am raising ingrates. My children, like so many others, are ferried about in the automotive equivalent of a living room.

I have come to the conclusion that all the single women I know are spending far too much time worrying about how to meet men.
blueprints and tools

I suspect that even brand new homes have their quirks. I’ve learned all the tips, tricks and maneuvers that make this old house — and sometimes my blood pressure — tick.

For nearly a century, East Liverpool dominated the United States pottery industry ... During its peak production years (1865-1910), East Liverpool’s potteries produced and...

One of my many faults (and I surely have far too many to count in just one column) is I am a shallow person...
on, off water switch

Remember Kymberly Foster Seabolt's almost-free hot tube? Well, all the fancy replacement pumps have been installed. Find out how it turned out.