Friday, June 9, 2023
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie

Nigerian dwarf goat

Eliza Blue's goat managed to give birth, clean and nurse her baby and have him up and bouncing around during the less than 24 hours everyone was gone. 

In the middle of a storm, in the middle of the night, Eliza Blue realized at long last everything really is going to be okay.
country house

Eliza Blue's South Dakota ranch has received more rain in the past week than the entirety of last spring and summer. Her family is enjoying the results.
chili pepper seedling

Eliza Blue explains why she is going to think of the cold months following Christmas as a celebration of the wonders of seed catalog season from now on.
black cat

Eliza Blue has been worried about Mama Cat for months as she vanished shortly after being spayed. Fortunately, she was just on vacation.

Eliza Blue feels as if she is the sheep mother of two brilliant goats.
prairie flowers

Eliza Blue realizes that perfection is waiting in the quiet of tall rustling grass, the last morning star, the golden faces of late summer flowers.
cattle in the snow

Maybe, winter chores aren’t so bad. Maybe they are the antidote to the malaise of modern life. And maybe, just maybe, Eliza Blue will make it through March.

Maybe, this will be the year Eliza Blue sets some better boundaries around her time so she can say "yes" more often to the things that feed her soul.
sunset over a prairie

Eliza Blue enjoys the gentler pace of life on her ranch as of late, welcoming the change.