Thursday, February 29, 2024
Little Pasture on the Prairie

Little Pasture on the Prairie


Yes, parenthood requires sacrifice, but what else would be expected when what is accomplished is nothing less than a miracle.

There is much to be gained from remembering and embracing tradition. Namely, that we are very lucky to live when and how we do.
snow on fence

Eliza Blue spent the first half of the week getting ready for a major winter storm, the second half weathering it and now digging out. 

Eliza Blue counts her blessings following an abrupt end to her journey spanning 12 days, five states and 2,700 miles.

Eliza Blue has learned in order to support healthy, sustainable growth above ground, there needs to be an equal amount of growth below ground.
white-tailed deer

Deer have been a major hindrance to Eliza Blue's tours the last two summers. While she's proud of her music, she hasn't enjoyed the accidents.
prairie flowers

Eliza Blue is struck by the simplicity and beauty of telling herself, “You are making too big a deal of this.”

Eliza Blue is living and appreciating every second of her patchwork life with her children in tow.
cottonwood trees

Eliza Blue marvels at the small grove of cottonwood trees on her South Dakota ranch, recalling indigenous Americans' teachings about the trees.
barn kittens

Barn cat politics are complicated. They are full of alliances, double-crossing and violent overthrows.