Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Last week, I wrote about Ralph Kohler, a lifelong waterfowl hunter who continues to host paying guests at his Missouri River pit blinds, something...

According to Ohio wildlife officials, a mountain lion was sighted recently near Wintersville in Jefferson County, Ohio.

Half of the new salmon entered into the lake are produced naturally, meaning adult salmon enter tributaries where they spawn, fertilize, and produce eggs.

Neither outfitted DIY or guided game hunts promise success. If they do, be cautious.

In terms of money, Ohio is fifth in participation and 11th nationally in jobs associated with hunting, with deer hunting being the No. 1 driver.

Duck hunters looking for a way to add a little spice to their sport may want to try crafting a decoy or two to their gear bag.
duck hunting

For those who covet prime spots on state parks and reservoirs, on-site drawings for duck hunting opportunities and season-long blind spots are planned.
wild turkey

Learn more about the roles that male and female turkeys play during nesting season.

If you thought the Queen of England, Prince Charles, and young William share a protective pride of their royal surname, you ought to meet...
Appalachian Trail

Hiram resident David Defer has embarked on his Appalachian Trail hike — a hike that typically takes most thru-hikers some seven months.