Sunday, December 3, 2023

February and March are the best two months because it is breeding season. Coyotes are busy, aggressive, and more apt to respond to the right sounds now.
fall webworms

The fall webworm is native to North America and is common from Canada into Mexico. Learn why their webs are more noticeable during fall.

Vegetable plants in the same family have similar characteristics. Familiarity with plant families gives gardeners keen insight to plants’ unique needs.

Storing hay in a wet year requires a lot of care.

Ranchers and feeders get more pie-in-the-sky talk while the big four meatpackers continue to carve up markets both here and abroad.

Although Deere history gives credit for the steel plow to Deere, Case, who later owned Andrus' plow company, cites Leonard Andrus and never mentions Deere.
hay bales in field

Over the last several weeks I've received many emails and letters from readers reporting large aggregation of dragonflies, usually hovering above the grass in wet meadows and hayfields.
chopping corn silage

There are two common ways to estimate tonnage, one based on plant height and the other based on estimated grain yield.
Stuck American ammunition wagon

World War I took a toll the on horses. Barbed wire, rapid-fire machine guns and more accurate and deadly explosive artillery were difficult to contend with.
ring-billed gull

If you're seeing gulls this winter, it's probably cold, you're probably a few miles from a lake or river and there's probably an open dumpster nearby.