Saturday, February 24, 2018
Canada geese

At the Cape May Fall Festival, Scott Shalaway and his wife saw hundreds of butterflies and birds migrating for the winter.

Our lives and the dinner table just wouldn't be the same without bumble bees.
Bird at feeder

We feed birds because we enjoy seeing them in our backyards, why not make our efforts a bit more worthwhile by participating in Project FeederWatch.
Fall leaves

October is the heart and soul of fall, and it brings with it nature's best and worst. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Match your favorite birds to their favorite foods and feeders to ensure an enjoyable winter feeding season.
Bird at bird feeder

Preliminary results from a recent survey show 40 percent of the U.S. population enjoyed some form of wildlife-related recreation in 2016.

When you live in the midst of woods and old fields, critters often stop by unexpectedly.

Blooming goldenrod is turning old fields into oceans of yellow. And orb-weaving spiders are hard to miss in these very same fields.

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, written by Mark Malone, and backed by National Geographic, Chasing Ice shows irrefutable evidence that global climate change.

Rails, gallinules, and coots live amid the dense vegetation that surrounds lakes, swamps, and marshes. Most species are seldom noticed.
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