Monday, June 18, 2018

Food Evolution may not have all the answers to how food should be raised, but hopefully it sparks meaningful conversations about agriculture and technology.
Pills, Fentynal Powder, and Heroin syringe sit on a table

Some readers may think the subject of drug addiction doesn’t belong in the pages of Farm and Dairy. Editor Susan Crowell explains why it does.
Butler Oaks damage from Irma

While we’re protecting and caring for livestock every day, Editor Susan Crowell reminds us there’s a huge faction out there who says you are evil and should be stopped.
sun in corn field

Alliances, partnerships and communication -- up and down the food production and supply chains -- are part of a new way of thinking about agriculture in the U.S.
Columbiana ag hall of fame

Farm and Dairy Editor Susan Crowell looks at leadership, inspired by agricultural hall of famers.
Amazon screenshot

Amazon is buying Whole Foods and wants to transform the way you buy groceries. But Editor Susan Crowell's commentary ponders the impact on farmers.
future of farming Susan Crowell

The next 35 years will be the most important 35 years there will ever be in agriculture. Editor Susan Crowell wants to know: How are YOU farming for the future?
high tech food investment agriculture

Food is the new technological frontier, and big investors are entering the world of food production, distribution and marketing. Farmers should pay attention, says Farm and Dairy Editor Susan Crowell.
Memphis Meats screenshot clean meat cultured meat chicken Farm and Dairy

Cultured meat is being produced in a laboratory through cell replication, grown in vats much like the equipment used in breweries.
Your Ag College Guide

Farm and Dairy's 'Your Ag College Guide' offers admissions information, tips and graduates' stories. Editor Susan Crowell asks all in agriculture to take a look at it.
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