Sunday, June 24, 2018

For over 100 years, some Kansans have either built or added to their journalism reputation by asking this simple question: What’s the matter with Kansas?

Alan Guebert remembers all of his mother's best qualities following her passing on April 22.
USDA arch in Washington, D.C.

No one, on either side of the farm bill debate, can explain why Chairman Mike Conaway is offering a partisan bill loaded with short-term policy choices.
world in our hands

We sometimes learn from our mistakes; however, more frequently we seem to repeat them in science and politics.
corn field

Change is what farmers and ranchers do. We also know that it's better to drive change before change drives us, according to Alan Guebert.
American flag

The House Ag Committee Republican chairman went full cowboy on committee Democrats after learning they would vote no on his 2018 farm bill due to SNAP cuts.
John Deere planter in action

Shortly after he turns 86 on April 10, Eugene Glock will begin planting his 70th corn crop on the Butler County, Nebraska, farm he operates with his son.
American flags

In farm and ranch country, spring brings tough questions and choices. Both could have been softened if farm and political leaders sought compromise.
American mink

Alan Guebert recounts his childhood efforts trapping muskrats and the prized mink that brought his trapping career to a screaming halt.
Barn and American flag

According to Alan Guebert, the 2018 farm bill is a 2014 clone. That means market trends funded under the 2014 Farm Bill will get more fuel to grow.
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